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“Working with Elaina was profound and very impactful to my personal and professional life. Elaina was able to uncover and remove the narrative "blocks" to success that I had for myself. On the professional side, I gained confidence at work, become more self-aware, and began to work on a road-map to my career. Never before in my life have I had this great sense of personal achievement and freedom. Working with Elaina really will change your life!” -- Marie Claire, USA

“Many people in this world operate their lives from places of fear. Fears based on money, companionship, failure, the opinions of others, loss etc. I learned through working with Elaina that it’s okay to be afraid. It's okay to take risks. I faced a great deal of doubt, negative opinions and judgment from others and myself prior to moving here to the Middle East. Through working with Elaina she has shown me how to relax and tune all those other voices out. To start and now continue on my own journey. Elaina, with her beautiful soul, I've found to be a very caring and gentle guide on this very confusing planet we call home. I'm living the life of my dreams now in a region of the world I greatly admire, love and respect and I'm learning more about myself and the world than I ever imagined possible. I wouldn't be in the position I am in today if it wasn't for Elaina and her work.” -- Victor, USA/Egypt

 “Working alongside Elaina was truly transformational in such a short amount of time. Elaina's coaching allowed me to open up to deep, personal discoveries when I was at a crossroads in my life. Through her guidance and expertise, I was able to gain alternative perspectives on old ways of doing which enabled me to feel more empowered in my choices and deepened my spiritual growth. Elaina went above and beyond, making time for my questions and passing on her knowledge and resources outside of our one-on-one sessions. Her beautiful nature and grounded-ness encouraged the value of connecting to myself which allowed me to cultivate a meaningful understanding of what steps I wanted to take to continue moving forward.” -- Taneal, Melbourne, Australia

“I went from being jobless and looking for part-time work fillers to building my own business which I just launched. Elaina helped me overcome all the personal blocks that came in the way of me truly owning my power and realising that I have gifts that can serve the world while I live a life of financial power and independence. She changed my life and I still don't know how she did it, but she did! Thank you Elaina. :)” -- Neha, Health Coach, India

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